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Kittredge Community Park Renovation Project

Evergreen Park and Recreation District (EPRD) has decided to renovate the playground in our community park. The primary reason is that the play equipment does not meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, and the falls zones do not meet current standards. They have earmarked $90,000 of their Capital Improvement Project budget, and they have gotten the Jefferson County Commissioners to approve an additional $50,000 in county funds to finance the project, for a total of $140,000 for improvements to our park!

These funds come from our tax dollars. Homeowners and businesses in Jefferson County pay a portion of our property taxes to EPRD and Jeffco Open Space, and a portion of our local sales tax dollars are earmarked to Jeffco Open Space.

EPRD reached out to the Kittredge Civic Association (KCA) earlier this year, and solicited input from our community on how the renovated playground could be configured and what equipment could be deployed. KCA formed a committee and has met with the EPRD's park planning consultant Dianne Schade, EPRD Executive Director Ellen O'Connor, EPRD's Grants and Development Director Liz Cohen, and Parks Supervisor Heart Cameron numerous times this spring.

As a result of these meetings, the KCA committee and EPRD's staff and Contractor have developed a vision for what our renovated playground in our community park will look like:

The image above is roughly directly above the creek, looking roughly Westward (the creek would be upper left to lower right). All the equipment you see envisioned is funded with the $140,000 already earmarked, except for the carousel at top right. That piece of equipment will cost another $22-26k. At the upper left, there is an area envisioned for exercise equipment, also not funded in the current budget. They would cost an addition $14-19k. The tree at upper left does not exist, and there are no current plans to add one there.

In the image below, there is a map of where the new equipment would be located. The creek runs diagonally from lower left to upper right. The proposed exercise equipment would be located at lower left. There is also a proposal to add a 12' x 16' picnic shelter at the upper right. This would cost around an additional $21k.

One of the nice things about the new plan is that the playground itself would be moved more into that Northwest corner which is currently unused. This will add a considerable amount of useable play field in the main area of the park!

The unfunded carousel, exercise equipment and picnic shelter are in the main plan and can be added after the initial playgound equipment installation. We are currently fundraising to get these upgrades either added to the current plan, or to be able to add them on in subsequent years.

The proposed installation would occur some time right after Canyonfest in September. EPRD will do the main tearout of the existing equipment and install of the new play equipment, however there will a lot of volunteer labor requested of Kittredge residents and stakeholders after that to perform grading and spreading of the wood chips for the fall zones and other ancillary tasks.

Please donate to our campaign for these additonal improvements! Donations are tax-deductable and will be matched by Walmart up to $3,000!

Please refer back to this page and to KCA's facebook page for updates to these plans.

The Jefferson County Board of Health is considering changes to septic system regulations. They sent us a letter informing us of the proposed changes, and announcing a public meeting for comment at Conifer High School on Saturday January 25th 2014 at 10:00 AM. Click here for a copy of the letter in PDF format.

We have a new sign in Kittredge on Hwy. 74, just west of
Tom's Auto, on the westbound lane side.

CREEK CANYON." This has been the same slogan and
mountain/ heart logo for over 50 years in newsprint.
This was another joint project by the great people of this
small town to give a sense of community pride.
Kate Mondragon, of the Kittredge Civic Association,
thought it was time for Kittredge to have its own special artistic
road sign,and started working on it over a year ago. Then the Kirk family
volunteered to largely donate the funds for the sign as a memorial
for Clyde Kirk, who passed away in March, 2009.
The Kirk family has lived in Kittredge for more
than 50 years. Clyde's widow, Jessie Kirk, was the Kittredge
Postmaster for many years. Susan Kirk Tsoupakis, daughter,
and Dave Kirk, son, have fond memories of their lives growing up
in Kittredge in their family home. They symbolize that special
HEART of Bear Creek Canyon!

The sign artwork/ installation was done by Chris and Sue Krieg
at Evergreen Signs.

New Town Square forum - KCA now has a new forum, with greatly expanded features. Users must register by choosing a screen name and password, then they are allowed to post messages.

Among the many new features are:

  • Users can upload photos and documents, and other files to share with other forum users.
  • You can go back and edit your own messages.
  • You can preview your message before posting it.
  • Private messaging between users.
  • You can have an email sent to let you know that someone has posted a message in a thread you are interested in.
  • Individual user profiles, including your own avatar.
  • Formatting (colors, fonts) of your message, adding links within your message, and smilies!
  • Event Calendar

Across the top navigation bar, there is an FAQ which should answer many questions of how to use the new forum.

Note that due to spammers signing up, we have had to restrict NEW REGISTRATIONS. Email the webmaster at the link below, we will allow you to register, then close it back up again. This only affects NEW REGISTRATIONS. If you are already registered, you have no restrictions. Thank you for your understanding.



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