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Kittredge Civic Association (KCA) is a non-profit community organization, serving Kittredge Colorado. KCA has been instrumental in bringing many positive changes to the community, including paving the roads and creating Kittredge Park and Playground.

It facilitates communication among people who live and work in the community, and sponsors events throughout the year. Some fun annual events are the Kittredge Canyonfest, the Holiday Hayride, the Easter Egg Hunt, the Halloween Party and the Chili Potluck.

KCA also coordinates things like the annual neighborhood cleanup and the annual yard sale. KCA sponsors dialogs with various organizations such as the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Department, Habitat for Humanity, and the Evergreen Metropolitan District. KCA recently hosted former US Senator Gary Hart, who spoke to the community about homeland security. Senator Hart is a Kittredge resident.

In general, KCA meets every month on the second Monday at 7:00 PM at the KCA community building, which is owned and maintained by KCA. The building is located at the west end of town at 26499 Mowbray Court. The building was renovated by KCA after it was damaged by a fire in the mid 1980s. It contains a large main room with beautiful views through large picture windows, a fireplace, kitchen, restrooms, and a storage area. There is ample parking on the basketball court on the North side of the property.

All members of the community are welcome to use the building for meetings, parties, classes, etc. It currently hosts the Kittredge Sanitation District meetings.

KCA is open to everyone who is interested in becoming more involved in the community - homeowners, renters and business owners.

Dues are only $10 per year for individuals and $15 per year for an entire family. Join the Kittredge Civic Association!

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Kittredge Civic Association
PO Box 185
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